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After a five-year silence from Atlanta, Georgia’s Sleep Therapy, fans get to experience an interesting musical experiment from the quartet. Over the course of 2015, Sleep Therapy will release an art print along with an associated EP. Dirt City Swans, the first iteration, was released in January.

The four song EP opens with “Pile Driver,” a track with an upbeat melody and a not so upbeat message. The song is layered so expertly that nothing gets lost, each piece easily cuts through the chugging, fuzzed out guitars. While the song is rather catchy, it can get somewhat repetitive by the end.

For it’s name, the second track, “Bloodletting” begins serenely enough. That signature shoegaze tremolo rings in the background, while the vocals takes the listener on roller coaster of emotional highs and lows. The chorus is calm and dreamy, and feels like it could have been plucked straight from the eighties. In fact, much about Sleep Therapy reminds me of the core shoegaze and dream pop sounds that started in that decade. In Dirt City Swans, they show the rare ability keep their music sounding modern but with throwbacks to the past.

In Dirt City Swans, Sleep Therapy show the rare ability keep their music sounding modern but with throwbacks to the past.

Title track, “Dirt City Swans,” is a departure from the previous two songs. The sound is cleaner and slower, and also incorporates drone aesthetics. Tension in the song builds without needing to rely on unnecessary volume. It’s a beautifully dark song, easily being the highlight of the album.

Sleep Therapy rounds out the first part of their project with “Collections”, the most simple song with a heavy rhythm and light vocals. The bass pounds throughout the song, while the drums keeps the rest simple. The airy vocals juxtapose nicely against the heaviness of the song. Like the first song, “Collections” can also become repetitive with the lyrics, and issue that will hopefully improve with the remaining EPs.

If Sleep Therapy continues with the quality of work as Dirt City Swans, this quadruplet of EPs is going to be a highlight of 2015. A great start to welcoming back this promising band. (7.8/10)

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, this shoegaze outfit released their first album back in 2006 with Black Bells. After five years, they return to the music scene with a set of four EPs to be released throughout 2015. Sleep Therapy – Bandcamp
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Dirt City Swans was released January 13th, 2015 through Bandcamp.

Purchase the album here:
Sleep Therapy – Dirt City Swans

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