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Fans of the rulers of Japanese drone were not surprised when the band announced that a trio of albums would be released during their Japan tour with noise band Endon. Boris have a history of releasing multiple albums in a year, so this falls within their modus operandi. The three albums were released under the moniker “boris”, meaning that the albums would be more experimental in nature.

urban dance

The first lesson is also easily the strongest and most listenable of the three. Odd numbered tracks “un, duex, trios”, “choreographer”, and “game of death” fall easily into the pure noise category. However, the album’s second track, “surrender”, is the surprise of the entire trio. In this noise-laden shoegaze song, Takeshi’s vocals feel smooth and confident. The chorus of the song is in English, and Takeshi does a fantastic job keeping his distinctive tone while still being clear. If “surrender” is an indication of the next ‘Boris’ album, it’ll be a good one. Track four, “endless”, is a haunting and beautiful drone piece clocking in at over nine minutes.
I was worried with this trio that it would be so experimental that I would listen once and put it on the shelf to collect dust. However, I find myself reaching for urban dance often. If you only buy one, this is the one. (8/10)


With the shortest track at slightly over eight minutes, and not a vocal to be seen, warpath is far more experimental than the above urban dance. The first three tracks are ambient noise, while the last track, “voo-vah”, is what boris does best: drone. All tracks are quite easy listening for noise fans, with this album being that perfect “in the background” type of album. However, warpath is not an active listening type of album and may be easily forgotten in the vast boris discography. (6/10)


Featuring the longest song of the trio, asia juxtaposes the epic, soothing saga of “terracotta warrior” with the harsh noise of “ant hill” and “talkative lord vs silent master”. This album is worth it just for “terracotta warrior”. The song starts off quiet and ambient and builds over the course of twelve minutes until hits it’s climax, which is full of noise, screeches, and wailing guitars. The remaining two tracks feel somewhat punishing. There is no payoff with these songs and there is low long-term listenability, except for hardcore noise lovers. While warpath felt rather average overall in terms of boris albums, asia has the problem of one fantastic track in “terracotta warrior” while the remainder is rather forgettable. (6/10 with a 8/10 for “terra-cotta warrior” and a 4/10 for “ant hill” and “talkative lord vs silent master”)

With a career spanning 19 years and countless releases, Boris have become one of the biggest names in the drone and doom genres. Comprising only three members, this Japanese band is constantly genre-bending and often collaborates with other musicians, including Sunn O))), Merzbow, and Endon.
Earth, Sunn O))), Jesu, The Melvins, Old Man Gloom, Melt Banana
All three albums were originally released as a limited set during the New Noise Literacy Tour with Endon starting on May 2nd, 2015.

The albums were released globally a while later. You can purchase them at Boris Official Shop

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